Senior Fitness Classes

Fitness Classes

Classes that are fun and challenging

• Senior Get Fit: Mondays - Starts April 2nd

• Senior Get Fit: Thursdays - Starts April 5th

• Fit & Flow Yoga: Mondays - Starts April 2nd

• Zumba Gold - Toning Too!: Tuesdays - Starts April 3rd

• Qigong/Tai-Chi - Beginners Class: Mondays - Starts April 2nd

• Qigong/Tai-Chi - Intermediate: Wednesdays - Starts April 4th

• Fit & Flow Yoga: Thursdays - Starts April 5th

Technology Classes

Technology Classes

Computers, Smartphones and Tablets

• Discover Facebook: April 26th

• Intro to iPhone - Learning the Basics: April 19th or June 7th

• iPhone Class - Beyond the Basics: April 26th or June 21st

• iPad for Beginners Class: June 21st

• iPad Class - Intermediate: June 13th and 20th

• Protecting Your PC: April 19th

• What Google Has to Offer: June 13th

Music Classes

Arts & Music

Entertaining & Educational

• The French Impressionists and the World of Fashion - May 9th

• The Italian Renaissance - Part I: Leonardo & Michelangelo - May 15th

• The Italian Renaissance - Part II: Raphael & Titian - May 22nd

• Jan Steen - Master of Storytelling - May 30th

• Who Was Dora Maar? - June 6th

• First it Was a Play and Now it’s a Musical - May 10th

• Surf’s Up! The Beach Boys and Southern California Culture - June 12th

• Hello Dolly! Broadway Trip - May 16th

History and General Header3

History & General Interests

Interesting and Informative classes

• Diabetes Support Group - Starts April 14th

• Conspiracies! - April 23rd

• Indiana Jones: Hollywood vs History - April 24th

• Washington DC: The National Shrine - 1890 to 1940 - April 25th

• Why? What Makes Us Curious? - April 26th

• Boundaries of Struggle: The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict - April 30th

• Keep Ithaca Always in Your Mind - New Work on Ancient Greece - May 1st

• Me Too and American Jewish Community - May 2nd


A warm welcome to our Live & Learn Bethesda friends, both old and new. Our Spring/Summer 2018 classes will continue to bring enrichment to your neighborhoods, with an array of class topics for you to enjoy. Never stop being curious, interested & eager to learn more. Broaden your horizons through a variety of topics including the Arts, Music, History, Literature, Exercise, Computers and more.

A few Highlights for our Spring/Summer 2018 catalog.

  • Irina Stotland - Museum Educator, Art Historian, who specializes in nineteenth century art will present two classes - The Italian Renaissance - Part I: Leonardo & Michelangelo and The Italian Renaissance - Part II: Raphael & Titian.
  • Hello Dolly! Broadway Trip with our Broadway musical authority Steve Friedman. The show stars legendary Tony Award®-winners Bernadette Peters and Victor Garber.
  • Mario Livio, Astrophysicist and Author, will present Why? What Makes Us Curious, based on his best-selling book.
  • Mark Ozer, Historian and Author, will present lectures based on his best-selling books about Washington, D.C., the Nations’ Capitol.
  • Lauren Strauss, PhD, Professor of Modern Jewish History and Culture, will present lectures and discussions about Israel at 70: Beyond Politics and Me Too and American Jewish Community.
  • Ori Soltes, Professor of Theology and Fine Arts, Author will present a lecture and discussion Untangling the Middle East: The Middle East Between Yesterday and Tomorrow.

"Curiosity is one of the permanent and certain characteristics of a vigorous intellect." ….Samuel Johnson

I look forward to seeing you often in our Spring/Summer classes.

All the Best,


Beverly Amsterdam
Executive Director
Live & Learn Bethesda


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  • Registration is now open for our Spring/Summer 2018 classes. Please visit our registration page to view and register for classes.
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Upcoming Classes

  • Exercise & Fitness Classes - Start the week of April 2nd
  • Computer & Technology Classes- Start April 19th
  • General Classes- Start April 14th
  • Hello Dolly! Broadway Trip - Class 1059 - May 16th


  • Winter Classes
  • Class 1063, Tradition and Transformation: What is Jewish Art, originally scheduled for February 7th, has been rescheduled for March 28th.
  • We no longer accept walk-ins to classes - if you would like to attend a class you must register online or call us to register.

Art Classes
Technology Classes
Fitness Classes
Music classes
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