Senior Fitness Classes

Fitness Classes

Classes that are fun and challenging

• Senior Get Fit: Mondays - Starts January 8th

• Senior Get Fit: Thursdays - Starts January 11th

• Fit & Flow Yoga: Mondays - Starts January 8th

• Zumba Gold - Toning Too!: Tuesdays - Starts January 9th

• Qigong/Tai-Chi - Beginners Class: Mondays - Starts January 8th

• Qigong/Tai-Chi - Intermediate: Wednesdays - Starts January 10th

• Fit & Flow Yoga: Thursdays - Starts January 11th

Technology Classes

Technology Classes

Computers, Smartphones and Tablets

• Discover Facebook: Jan 25th or Mar 1st

• Intro to iPhone - Learning the Basics: Jan 25th or Mar 1st

• iPhone Class - Beyond the Basics: Feb 1st or Mar 8th

• iPad for Beginners Class: February 1st

• iPad Class - Intermediate: March 19th and 26th

• Protecting Your PC: March 8th

• What Google Has to Offer: March 19th

Music Classes

Arts & Music

Entertaining & Educational

• Impact of Japanese Art on European Artists - January 22nd

• Imperial Treasures: Architecture of St. Petersburg I - Jan 30th

• Monet and the Medierranean - February 5th

• What is Jewish Art? - February 7th

• Imperial Treasures: Architecture of St. Petersburg II - February 13th

• Rock 'n' Roll Tells its Own Story - February 20th

• The Gershwins - February 28th

• Hello Dolly! Broadway Trip - May 16th

History and General Header3

History & General Interests

Interesting and Informative classes

• Diabetes Support Group - Starts January 13th

• Jewish Travel in the Modern World- January 23rd

• Scholars at War - January 24th

• How the 1960's Shaped American Politics Today- January 29th

• Racial Disparities in Criminal Law: Then and Now- February 6th

• The Year I was Peter the Great: Marvin Kalb - February 8th

• American History through the Lens of Alcohol - February 12th

• Charles Dickens in Love - February 15th


Please join us for our Winter 2018 catalog season. I encourage you to explore your curiosity with our wide selection of offerings. Our classes are open to everyone, no matter where you live. We are committed to enhancing and expanding your interests, deepening your knowledge, and being part of a learning community full of diversity, insight, intellectual and cultural stimulation.

The Winter 2018 catalog contains new and exciting classes which you will not want to miss. Some highlights from the Winter 2018 catalog:
  • Marvin Kalb, Senior fellow with the Foreign Policy Program at Brookings, Senior adviser at the Pulitzer center on Crisis Reporting, and expert on National Security will present his latest book - "The Year I was Peter the Great -Khrushchev, Stalin's Ghost and a Young American in Russia".
  • Dr. Irina Stotland, Museum Educator, Art Historian, who specializes in nineteenth century art will present two classes - The Imperial Treasures I-Architecture of St Petersburg from Peter the Great to Catherine the Great and The Imperial Treasure II-Architecture of St. Petersburg from Alexander I to Nicholas.
  • Debbie Hines, a Washington DC based attorney, legal analyst, and former prosecutor will present Racial Disparities in Criminal Law: Then and Now and Ten Top Supreme Court Cases Affecting Women.
  • Paul Glenshaw, an aviation expert & filmmaker will lecture on "The Rise of the Airplane: From the Wright Brothers to Lindbergh".

I look forward to seeing you often for our Winter classes.


Beverly Amsterdam
Executive Director
Live & Learn Bethesda


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Upcoming Classes

  • Exercise & Fitness Classes - Start the week of January 8th
  • Computer & Technology Classes- Start January 25th
  • General Classes- Start January 13th
  • Hello Dolly! Broadway Trip - Class 1059 - May 16th


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  • Computer and Technology classes fill up quickly - please sign up early!
  • We no longer accept walk-ins to classes - if you would like to attend a class you must register online or call us to register.

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