Senior Fitness Classes

Fitness Classes

Classes that are fun and challenging

• Senior Get Fit: Mondays - Starts April 1st

• Senior Get Fit: Thursdays - Starts April 4th

• Fit & Flow Yoga: Mondays - Starts April 1st

• Zumba Gold - Toning Too!: Tuesdays - Starts April 9th

• Qigong/Tai-Chi - Beginners Class: Mondays - Starts April 1st

• Qigong/Tai-Chi - Intermediate: Mondays - Starts April 1st

• Total Body Strength for Seniors: Thursdays - Starts April 4th

Technology Classes

Technology Classes

Computers, Smartphones and Tablets

• Technology & Internet Security: May 16th

• Intro to iPhone - Learning the Basics: May 2nd

• iPhone Class - Beyond the Basics: May 16th

• iPad for Beginners: May 2nd

• ilove iPad - Intermediate: June 11/18

• Google - It's More Than You Think: June 11th

Music Classes

Arts & Music

Entertaining & Educational

• Magical Prague: Part I & II - April 18th and 25th

• Venetian Renaissance Art - May 13th

• Fauvism: Painting Using Light and Color - May 29th

• Toulouse-Latrec in the 19th Century: Part I & II - June 6/13

• Forgotten American Impressionists - June 17th

• Georgia O'Keeffe's Iconic Flowers - June 25th

• The Best Bad Characters in Muscials: Part I & II - May 6/9

• Broadway Babes of the 1940's: Part I & II - May 29/June 11

History and General Header3

History & General Interests

Interesting and Informative classes

• Our National Mall - June 4

• Media in the Age of Trump - April 22

• U.S. Intelligence: Part I & II - May 22/30

• Antisemitism in America - May 16th

• Tough Cases: Judges Tell Their Stories- June 17th

• Portugal: 15th Century and Today - May 7/14

• The Soul of Russia - June 19th Morning and Afternoon

• How to Write the Story of Your Life - Wednesdays May 1st to June 5th


Join us for our Spring/Summer 2019 catalog and let Live & Learn Bethesda introduce you to some interesting and stimulating new speakers and class topics. Broaden your horizons through a variety of topics including the Arts, Music, History, Literature, Exercise, Computers and more.

A few Highlights for our Spring/Summer 2019 catalog.

  • Judge Russell F. Canan and Judge Frederick H. Weisberg will present a lecture based on their book: Tough Cases: Judges Tell the Stories of Some of the Hardest Decisions They’ve Ever Made
  • Steve Roberts, Journalist, Writer, and Political Commentator, will present a lecture, Media in the Age of Trump
  • Lauren Strauss, PhD, Professor of Modern Jewish History and Culture, will present a lecture on Antisemitism in America: An Old Villain in New Clothes?
  • Ori Soltes, Professor of Theology, Philosophy and Art History, Author, will present a two-part lecture titled the Soul of Russia
  • Ursula Rehn Wolfman, Ph.D., Professor, will present a two-part lecture on Magical Prague, the Crown of Bohemia

I look forward to seeing you often in our spring/summer classes.


Beverly Amsterdam
Executive Director
Live & Learn Bethesda


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Upcoming Classes

  • Exercise & Fitness Classes - Start the week of April 1st
  • Computer & Technology Classes- Start May 2nd
  • General Classes- Start April 18th
  • Music Classes - Start April 16th


  • Spring/Summer Classes
  • Class 1306, Media in the Age of Trump, has been rescheduled to Monday April 15th from 1:00 pm to 2:30 pm

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Fitness Classes
Music classes
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