The Custody Trial of Gloria Vanderbilt

Keeping it in the Family

The Matter of Vanderbilt–the custody trial of Little Gloria Vanderbilt–had all the elements of a perfect tabloid story: famous names, vast wealth, a glamorous fashion show, and a bit of a scandal. The case was brought by Little Gloria’s aunt who would argue that Gloria Morgan Vanderbilt, the mother and her sister, was an unfit mother. Little Gloria’s grandmother took the same position. Doctors testified, as did Little Gloria’s paternal grandmother, her nurse, and the French maid. All of this was played against the background of gobs of money which would become available to who would gain the guardianship of Little Gloria. Topping all of this was the testimony of Little Gloria herself. The backdrop for the trial was such personages as the Marquise de Haven, a member of the royal family and the lover of Little Gloria’s mother; Constance Bennett, the actress, and her husband, Henri, the Marquise de la Falaise de la Coudraye, and a host of rumors about Constance’s lovers. In short, this was a world of titled Europeans and wealthy Americans.

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Instructor: Arnold Leibowitz

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