Senior Fitness Classes

Fitness Classes

Classes that are fun and challenging

• Senior Get Fit: Mondays - Starting April 5th

• Total Body Strength: Wednesdays - Starting April 7th

• Qigong/Tai-Chi - 24: Tuesdays - Starting April 6th

• Senior Get Fit: Thursdays - Starting January 7th

• Seniors Chair Yoga/Stretch: Thursdays - Starting April 1st

Technology Classes

Media Classes

Movies, Television, Streaming

• Rock & Roll and Television April12th

• A History of TV News: May 26th

• History of Movie Comedy: June 29th

Music Classes

Arts & Music

Entertaining & Educational

• Musicals in the New Millenium Part I and II - Apr15th/May13th

• Collaborating with Jerome Robbins Part I & II - May 20th/Jun10th

• American Mid-Century Design - May 17th

• Leonardo da Vinci Series - Apr 20th/May11th/Jun 1st

• 1930's Modern Industrial Design - Jun 14th

History and General Header3

History & General Interests

Interesting and Informative classes

• America's Russia Problem - Apr 22nd

• Synagogue Story - Apr 21st

• Israel's Coat of Many Colors - Apr 28th

• America's China Problem - May 6th

• Untangling the Middle East - May 18th

• Assault on the U.S. Capitol - May 19th

• Supreme Court Update - Jun 30th

• Virtual Travel Classes: NYC & Worldwide - Starting Apr 19th


Welcome to Live & Learn Bethesda's Winter classes. As we continue to observe the Covid-19 restrictions, all of our classes will be held online using the Zoom video conferencing platform. We will not mail a Spring/Summer catalog but you can view or print the catalog by clicking the View Catalog button.

All classes will be advertised using our Constant Contact email marketing system. We will continue to send weekly emails that will provide information about upcoming classes. Please be sure to check your emails from Constant Contact for Live & Learn Bethesda class updates, including any schedule changes or new classes.

Registration will continue using our RezClick reservation system. Once you have registered you will receive an email acknowledgement and one day prior to each class that you sign up for you will receive an email with the link to the Zoom webinar.

A few Highlights for our Spring/Summer catalog:

  • Screenwriter, Author and Executive Producer Leslie Barry will present a lecture based on the book of her family history and soon to be released movie entitled “Newark Minutemen: A True 1930s Legend About One Man’s Mission to Save a Nation’s Soul Without Losing His Own”.
  • Andrée Aelion Brooks, Author, Journalist, Lecturer, will present a series of lectures for this catalog: “The Century Old Story of the Synagogue”, “From Blood Libel to the Balfour Declaration”, and “Food in the History of the Jews”.
  • Richard Bell, PhD, Professor of History, Author, will present two lectures: “The Terrible Power of the Three Fifths Clause” and “The American Revolution in Indian Country”.
  • Dr. Lauren Strauss, Professor of Modern Jewish History and Culture, will present three lectures: “Israel’s Coat of Many Colors” and “Founding Mothers: Visionary Leadership in Pre-State Israel & Beyond”, and Perilous Journey to America: Looking Back After a Century Through the Eyes of Jewish Migrants”.
  • Melvin Goodman, Retired CIA and State Department Analyst, Author, will present a series of lectures: “America’s Russia Problem”, “America’s China Problem”, and “The U.S. and the Middle East: A Reassessment”.
  • Travel with us to NYC, and Worldwide to Budapest, the Amalfi Coast, Ireland, Iceland, Prague, and Vienna with local tour guides that will present live lectures on local history and culture with time for Q&A.

Looking forward to seeing you often in our Spring/Summer classes.


Beverly Amsterdam
Executive Director
Live & Learn Bethesda


  • Registration & Website Info
  • Registration is now open for Spring/Summer classes. Please visit our registration page to view and register for classes.
  • Our online webinar classes are hosted by the Zoom video conferencing platform

Upcoming Classes

  • Exercise & Fitness Classes - Starting April 1st
  • MediaClasses- Start April 12th
  • General Classes- Start April 13th
  • Music Classes - Start April 15th


  • Spring/Summer Classes
  • Class 1610, Pursuing the Horizon: Stories of Justice, originally scheduled for Wednesday Mar 3rd, is rescheduled for Monday April 19th from 1:00 to 2:30 PM.
  • Class 1607, Israel’s Coat of Many Colors, originally scheduled for Tuesday Feb 23rd, is rescheduled for Tuesday, April 27th from 1:00 to 2:30 PM.

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Fitness Classes
Music classes
PAIMIO, FINLAND - JULY 19, 2014: Yellow Scania Citywide bus waits for passengers at a bus stop. Scania Citywide is a single-deck city or intercity bus available in low-floor and low-entry versions.
History Classes